Day 43: The Hoff

My working brain has gone from focus to mush … and now it seems to be moving back to focus. That’s adapting for you. Finally. When the mind is on track, it sure takes the pressure off of the soul.

It’s Day 43. I’m ready to get back some of a life. I’m thinking I’d start by heading over to my local, to order a chef salad with homemade blue cheese and a glass of rose as I chat it up with the crew. Since 18 March 2020, that lot has only been texts on my phone. I’d like to see their lovely faces. Unfortunately, the doors are still locked.

I also looked up plane tickets to England on Tuesday. I just wanted to see. Even with flexible dates selected, Expedia informed me that after scanning over 400 flights, zero results could be found. Sigh. I’m not going to stop trying.

My new normal sleeping routine these days is to wake at 4 am. I put on a pair of comfy bottoms to grab a bottle of Evian (name drop) water from the mud room. Back in bed, I loop on my laptop podcast episodes from my iTunes favourites list. I then rest my head back on my pillows and wait for the background noise of podcast voices to lure me into a new sleep.

My aim is not to fill my brain. No. My aim is to rest my brain. Let it calm. Let my internal waves organic flow where they wish. Maybe I go on an adventure. Or maybe it’s just about following house sounds.

This form of meditation doesn’t always do the trick. But when it does, it makes for a fabulous wonder, like finding a fantastical postcard in the mail.

from Griffin & Sabine by Nick Bantock

And the trick doesn’t have to be lingering or mysterious. Sometimes the trick is to just to let in the silly.

This morning, as I closed my eyes to begin the second phase of my sleep, I had this one clear thought. Without worth of lie, it was: Whatever happened to David Hasselhoff?

Image result for david hasselhoff

I do believe that that is the first time I have EVER thought about David Hasselhoff. I obviously know his name. Yeah, I’ve seen the car. Yes. I’ve seen pics of the red swimsuits on the beach. However, I’m not too sure I’ve ever watched anything starring David Hasselhoff. That being said, around 4 am today, there I was, wondering where in the world had The Hoff gotten to.

It was so out of left field that I giggled out loud as I stared at the ceiling fan over my bed. Oh, those are some of the best giggles aren’t they? The ones that come out of a pure thought, and straight from the belly.

Smiling, and who cares why, prior to sleeping is a pretty darn wonderful achievement. Beauty comes in many different containers, and grows from a variety of places. This morning, in this case, it bloomed from an otherworldly passing wonder about a life-guarding knight riding actor.

I’ll take it.

Happy Thursday.

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