Domino Time

It’s a hundred million degrees outside. Good god Summer.

I almost bought a ticket to Wales last night. I had it in my head to stay for the remainder of this week. Maybe hug a friend. Then the Sensible Devil on my shoulder stopped me.

Given that I am beginning a new job Monday, the decision to not hop a flight was the right one. But that doesn’t make it any less of a bummer to have to call out the Adult in me to manage my Spirit.

My Life has changed. Bags that have been hanging around my front door are no longer there. And there’s a path to a future in clean clear view.

This newness is a welcomed normal. I’m captivated by the opening door. And I’m walking with a Faith. The trouble is, it’s all occurring in Domino Time.

Vague much? Sure. I’ll get to there eventually.

Not Waiting for Godot by any means, as I’m confident this visitor will arrive.

But this being-in-the-moment-before-a-beginning is like a extended pause before an exhale. And I find I’m leaning my head out, cupping my hand behind my ear, listening for a bell to ring.

Luckily I have the patience to hold in my place … for my turn and its time.

But don’t’ you believe I’m not imagining this:

Happy Tuesday.

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