Day 6: Dreams and Things

I dreamt I was Spring Cleaning three rooms in a house large enough to park a car on the second floor. I know this because there was a Fiat on the landing outside the area I was tasked to tidy.

It’s not a great dream by any stretch of the imagination, I’m okay with my manual labour storyline.

Every dream need not be epic, I’ll take one that is present only to aid the body in a good night’s sleep. Given that it was right under 6 AM when I woke naturally amongst a sea of white hotel room pillows, I’d say my dream did its job nicely nicely.

The richness of waking like I did this morning: Quietly lured out of a slumber, head resting on soft cool fabric, eyes still closed but aware of the humming of the real world … that’s magical in my book. It’s what makes bedhead delightful.

I’m definitely into my holiday.

As the road switches direction from west/east to only east today, now begins what amounts to be the final two legs of my holiday.

Far from done, I’m just sayin.

Next up is spending time with my lovely friend Kat, her husband and hopefully at least one of their three children, whom I adore.

Kat and Mickey flew in from San Diego late last night, so I’m going to hold off from arriving too soon as they need time to unpack and check in on their respective businesses … Kat owns a Greek and an Italian restaurant and Mickey is an architect.

This leaves me with a few hours before I have to gather my things and head to another part of Tennessee.

I’ll take in some sites for sure. But first I want to linger a little while longer in the hushed vibe that is enveloping this room, lit only by daylight through a small split in the curtains, as I sip my tea in bed, and pause to read about the world out there from my cocoon in here.

I’ll shall return.

Happy Tuesday.

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