Day 5: My Way

Day 5 saw me leaving my friends in Madison, Mississippi and driving by a town aptly named Corinth. There’s that Greece-theme again.

Then I meandered around Moscow, Tennessee. Drove past a TransCanada facility off a side road I discovered somewhere in Somerville Tennessee. As I listened to Britain’s Frank Turner and his 2008 Love Ire & Song album.

This is really the only way I know how to do it. Frank Sinatra would understand …

Corinth and Somerville don’t count as ‘visited’ since I only breezed by them, but because I stopped to look at the Battle of Moscow site by its City Hall, Moscow Tennessee has been added to my Travel Map.

Then after I parked my bags in a hotel room larger than my living room, I pinned to my Map the town where I am now, as well as the places I toured yesterday.

This puts my travel map city count at 482.

Travel Map

I do love those orange dots and hearts. Good times.

I still have 4 more days left on my journey, which might up that count … as well as the rest of my life. There’s definitely gaps in my Map that need to be explored.

Any takers?

Waiting for my phone to charge, then I’m off to check out the local and find dinner.

Happy Monday.

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