Saturday was so calm and soothing. I could never take credit for how lovely it played out. That was all well beyond my doing.

For my part, I drove across the bridge, over railroad tracks, and down to the water’s edge.

Where I hopped (with help from a nearby rock) onto my Jeep’s bonnet …

And singularly watched the mighty River flow past me …

Heading east, towards the Atlantic.

I must have stayed there undisturbed for almost an hour.

The weather. The water. The view.

It was, in a word. Romantic.


That’ll be me this Thursday.

I’ve a new route this time. It will be here to Detroit to Amsterdam to Bristol.

I normally go through Atlanta or Boston, but those flights were booked.

So via Detroit it is … and surprisingly with better flying times.

That’s my thing.

I don’t mind connecting flights (really don’t have a choice at this point). But I always go for the shortest combined trip duration over best-price. And since my dates are usually flexible, I tend to get the flights I want without having to choose.

No worries. Delta’s got me covered. Normally it’s 16 hours. This one is a little over 14.

But that’s Thursday.

Today I’m going to continue the Saturday trend … and enjoy what’s in front of me.

Right now it’s a cup of Italian- blend coffee, The Wilkinsons singing harmony about Jimmy’s new girlfriend, and a soaking rain out my window.



And, just like the river yesterday. Romantic.

What else can I say?

Happy Sunday.

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