Journal Entry

1 Dec: Home -> Detroit:

  • 1:18pm flight out.
  • Stressful morning meetings.
  • Stressful text about needing to inventory Mum’s jewelry.
  • Final packing and tidying house.
  • Chatting up Uber driver to airport.
  • Simple gate check-in, followed by the usual TSA inspection because I always x-ray red in the machine. What can you do? Feel away.
  • Smooth flight to Detroit. 20 mins to connect to next flight. Sadly, unable to listen to piano player in the terminal.
  • Bulkhead window seat next to Mr. Lawrence, travelling from Los Angeles for his annual two week stay in Netherlands.
  • Seven hour flight. No sleep. Flight attendant thanks me for using Delta. Unexpected, but nice. This may be my 30th flight with Delta in the past 18 months.

2 Dec: Amsterdam -> Bristol:

  • Arrive 5:50am.
  • Three hour layover in Amsterdam, which sees me struggling to stay awake and keep my neck, arms and legs attached to my torso.
  • Also, giving up on appearance. Nothing can reverse my red eyes, chapped lips and makeup spotted face. No amount of water drinking ever fixes this glitch.
  • Full fog arrival into England. Only saw the runway about 5 seconds before touchdown.
  • 9:10am delayed arrival.
  • Met at airport by a smiling face and red roses.
  • Immediately to flat and head-on-pillow for a 4 hour pass out.
  • Warm shower makes me feel human again, and a wee bit prettier.
  • Off to Sixpence with Marty for pints and dinner.
  • Quick stop into Sainsbury for nibbly bits, wine and things to decorate the place for Christmas.

3 Dec: Somerset:

  • Lazy day. Thankfully, no one minds.
  • World Cup watch: USA v Netherlands.
  • A group meal-making effort: Spaghetti, Bolognaise, garlic bread, wine, laughter.
  • World Cup watch: Argentina v Australia. Depressing news about Pele.
  • Beyond pleased with the Sainsbury‘s miniature tree scene twinkling in the front window. To shame (or annoy) the neighbours across the way.

4 Dec: Somerset:

  • Late morning wake, post epic-dreaming night. Best sleep these past 5 months.
  • Another gastronomic kitchen experiment. This time sausage, eggs, bacon, black pudding, beans, coffee, orange juice, toast, butter. All the while singing with Madness playing in the background.
  • Afternoon feet up with Alan Rickman’s Madly, Deeply. Getting into it … the man lived on planes, and runs into every person ever mentioned in People Magazine. It has just the right weave of gossip, personal living and actual opinions. For instance, we learn about his Mum, his wife, his acting angsts, whilst calling out Ewan McGregor for being up his own arse.


  • 1st glass pour. Jameson.
  • World Cup watch: England v Senegal.

Next Up:

  • Work week begins tomorrow. Bright and early. I’m ready.

Happy Sunday.

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