For My Mum

Dear Momare:

It’s hard to believe that it was just this past January when you were in hospital getting your heart shocked. It took some time before and after, but the procedure worked, and Brother Fred and I drove you home a sunny breezy Winter morning. Timing is everything, and you made it past the bad place before all this pandemic horror began.

Though we touched based often, I’ve not seen you since February – and I’m forever grateful that Fred is with you during this time. I know other Mums and Dads out there who are going through this, now, almost four month self-isolation, alone. And it hurts to think about that. But not us. And you’re safe.

I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve knocked on wood. And I’ll do it again when I’m finished writing.

Thank you for raising four wonderful sons … and nomadic daughter. Thank you for marrying my Dad. Thank you for making my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins a part of our lives. Thank you for the being a lioness for your cubs. Thank you for the travelling bug. Thank you for every homemade dish you ever made us. Thank you for understanding the importance of Olive Oil. Thank you for introducing me to Ella Fitzgerald and Sammy Davis and Kenny Rogers. Thank you for reading the bible.

No matter where we all are, from Heaven to America to England to Ukraine, we have always been as close as a whisper away.

With all my heart, to yours.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum.

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