Remember Remembering

Day 55: Time to hitch a ride on a well produced mind/creative bandwagon … This one is brought to you by the crew at TopThink.

My earliest memory is being 3 years old crying in the hallway during a night time thunderstorm. And when I write crying, I mean red-in-the-face unreasonable kind of crying.

When I was shorter, I used to be frightened by thunderstorms. Let’s face it, they can be horrible. Thankfully I grew out of that fear. Perhaps it was reading the fable of the young bull racing through the sky setting clouds on fire whilst his mother ran after him, yelling for him to come home.

Or maybe it was being told to count between the sound of thunder and the strikes of lightening, which tells you how many miles away the storm has travelled.

Either / or, I now find storms fantastic and wondrous and, at times, comforting.

I’m sure this episode with my wee self went on for 2.3 seconds until my parents came to my rescue. However, in my recollection, this time seemed to last for minutes. Long enough for me to recall the yellowish carpet, the white metal railing, my pink pajamas, my stuff animal, my short hair, my wet face.

I remember this earliest memory as if I were watching myself, like watching an actor in a movie, instead from the perspective of me looking out from within. Turns out – time with this memory has evolved and sophisticated the way I remember this event. I know this happens. I just never applied this logic to that specific moment.

That’s Fact 2: Remember Remembering.

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I love this stuff.

Also, I’ve been oversleeping. That’s Fact 13: The Over-Sleeper’s Paradox.

Happy Monday.

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