Pros and Cons of Growing Up

I’m considering moving for a job. The last time I did something like that I moved to Greece to teach.

This time it wouldn’t be so far… about 90 miles east. However, it’s to an area that never would have made it onto any of my lists.

At this point, the place is the negative. Everything else is coming up roses; from the position to the salary to the bonus to the benefits to the work to the possibilities, etc. And they will pay my relocation expenses.

I know, right?

There’s no offer but there is forward momentum. I’ve another chat on Monday and one more at the end of the week.

If I take that end-of-the-week interview it will send a message that I am game to go. I don’t wish to mislead, so I’m forcing my brain to think past my usual free spirit, pack last minute, logic.

It’s not even noon and I can’t avoid that the Pros are outweighing the Cons.

Whilst I am energised by the vibe of this city, next to my brothers Paul and Drew, I have little connecting me here.

Drew I see during football season at his house, and Paul works weekends so rarely. Drew, his wife, daughter and I have gone out maybe twice in the last 9 months. Paul, not once. In defence of Paul, he mows my lawn every other third week in the Summer.

That leaves bartenders and JB’s parents, with whom I text.

When it comes right down to it, I don’t know anyone beyond making a stranger’s acquaintance at dinner, enjoying the conversation and collecting a business card before heading home. Oh, and that kiss the other night is going only as far as to become a piece of fiction on this website.

Then there’s where I live. Let’s not forget about the questionable nonsense going on next door, the drunk driver who nearly hit the side of the house where I sleep, and the fact that I call this 1940s historical structure the ‘poor wee cottage‘. On a side note: I wouldn’t mind having a dishwasher and ice maker again.

Lining it all up, I’ve not a single solid reason to reject that offer if one were made.

Summing it all up, accepting that offer might be the most adult thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Happy Saturday

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