Mental Mirror

One Wednesday I was walking back to work after dropping my car off at the tire place about 5 minutes from the office. It was a lovely weather day. A perfect mix of blue sky, sun and fresh air. I was happy to be walking. Happy to be outside. And just plain unaffected.

When I got back to my desk, two people stopped by wanting to know if I was okay. Great, I said. Why, I asked. Because, they each reported, Doris [the HR lady] saw you walking on the sidewalk and said you looked so pissed off that she almost looped back around to see if you wanted a ride.

I let my concerned peers know that I was indeed perfectly well, and even made a joke that sometimes my “resting” face can be misinterpreted by strangers as an angry face.


Couple things before I continue: 1) Doris was (is?) the poster child for why HR people have reps for being nosy, gossipy and dreadful. And 2) That was not the first time I’ve had to convince people that I am an otherwise relaxed grounded positive individual.

Case in point: On that day I simply chose to ignore Doris and was touched that my co-workers cared enough to ask.


Anyway, this morning I was thinking about things.

More so, I was thinking specifically about things that make me feel good just because they happen.

And, as I was making a note of what they were, a lightness of being came over me in the form of a resting smile.

I guess that sidewalk story popped into my head as a reminder, perhaps, that even after I share what these things are, I might still have to defend that my “angry” face today is really one of pure joy and awe for the wonders that are of this World.


So, I’m listed a few of those things here, ones that immediately came to mind, just to see what my mental mirror looks like when spelled out in words.

I call this list: Things I Like That Have No Clue That I Like Them


  1. A bird in flight.
  2. Leaves on trees.
  3. A misting rain.
  4. The smell of honeysuckle.
  5. That someone in this world named a baby Tuppence Middleton.
  6. Water to drink. Water to swim. Water to clean. Water as tears. Water flowing. Water.
  7. A bed of pillows.
  8. An artful stair case.
  9. Any library.
  10. Rainbows.
  11. The sound of a belly laugh giggle.
  12. A tune that takes my imagination to an open road on an cloudless afternoon, jeep top down, volume up.



Based on my list? I’d say I’m currently on what my friend Hannah calls a life harmony path.

Take a picture.

Happy Sunday.

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