Welcome Back Birdie

I arrived at the cottage an hour before midnight on Wednesday, after earning a bunch of Delta Sky Miles.

Finally putting head to pillow around 1am.

Went to work way too early Thursday.

Went to sleep before 9pm.

Went to work way too early again on Friday.

Took a much needed crashing nap at 4pm.

Made dinner.

Went back to work for a bit, feeling guilty for the nap.

Forced myself to stay awake ’til 11pm.


This morning I woke to the sound of a text from my brother Joe welcoming me back and telling me he’s about to watch a few rugby matches.

And now I’m guzzling coffee like it’s water. Think it might be time to switch that cup out for an actual glass of water.


Thankfully it’s the weekend to help me break up that last 48 hours that has been reserved for work and dreams, at odd hours.


This is the second time that I’ve returned with reverse jet lag, as I call it.

I used to only worry about that when travelling East. I’ve long since tamed that beast. Unfortunately, I’m now getting it going West. A biorhythm reaction to being being away 30+ days, and flying 19 hours.

Ah, me, just need some time to adjust.

That being said, I am going out this evening with my brother Drew and family to watch the local Shakespeare company rehearse.


This will be the 3rd time I’ve gone to this type of performance. It’s a fun event.

The group challenges themselves to learn as much of a single Shakespearean play in a week. They then give that play a go in an informal setting with the director seated front and center to cue them with lines.

It leads to some very improv’d and silly moments, which is priceless as they all get a bit giggly a few hours in.

It’s a bit like watching a blooper reel of your favourite show. Rather then being embarrassed for their mistakes, you find yourself laughing along with the actors. It’s the 4th wall inclusive, and a very heart warming human experience.

So, we’ll do dinner downtown before, and the show’s at 7:30, which will go 3 hours with an intermission in between.


To stay present, I’m fairly certain there is at least one nap in my near future … possibly two.

Happy Saturday.

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