An Unplanned Weekend

Friday …

It’s morning. Early morning, and I am more awake than ever.

The coffee is brewed and being sipped. The outside cottage porch light is off, an indicator of a new dawn. My bedhead looks FAB. My black shorts comfy. I’ve paid the power and utilities bills … and perused the world headlines.

On my phone, my cousin from Ireland sent a texted about his newborn baby boy, Max. He was early and had to spend a short stay in the ICU. But he is safe and healthy. I do like the name Max. Good on Jock and Laura.

Also my dearest friend Kathy checked in from Nashville … days after losing her beloved almost-twin brother Anthony. I’ve not the details, all I know is that Anthony completed his journey far too soon … and that it was sudden and unexpected, and not of his choice.

I’ve know Anthony since Kathy and I were classmates and best friends in Halandri, Greece. He’s been a presence ever since I was eleven, growing up to be a grand man, husband, father.

Such immense sadness comes with having to write about Tony this way. He was lovely, and I have, through the years, been the recipient of his many great hugs, given with natural warmth of a soul who seemed to have lived a thousand lives.

Οι φίλοι γεννιούνται, δεν γίνονται.

Anthony’s passing is a wound that shall never heal for my friend or anyone who knew him. Kathy is now in a new world. And my purpose in knowing her heart is to give her space, offer her balance as she takes these first steps, and listen when she is ready.

Hang in there Kat. Rest in peace, Tony.

Kat’s message this morning was simple: I love you too. That sentiment was echoed back.

Amongst this happiness for my cousin and heartbreak for my sister, I move forward towards an unplanned weekend.

There’s bound to be some golf tour championship viewing in my future. Maybe a stop in at the local to say hello to crew. Perhaps I’ll allow the Universe take the wheel for awhile so I can sit back and enjoy the view from the passenger seat.

I don’t know what story I shall encounter this weekend. I mind not going in to it blindly. I do know that it’s a happy lucky place to be … where I am right now. And I accept it with a humble bow.

Happy Friday.

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