I Like Mondays

Yes! The nasty ah-choo is gone. It only took 10 days, 40,000 tissues and three days convinced my nose will never be the same. Then two days ago off the gremlin went. And then so did I.

I am back up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of these here United States of America. I have a few days with Mum and Brother Fred, hanging out, going for drives and appointments. I figured that my job this time is to distract my Mum from her AWESOME insomnia, a side effect, apparently, of having your heart shocked back into rhythm.

How much does that suck? First she can’t stay awake because the ole ticker is broken. Then it gets healthy and now she can’t get to sleep.

I keep thinking what the sage Otter told a devastated Flounder in Animal House after the guys destroy Flounder’s brother’s prized car:

My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.

Image result for animal house start drinking heavily

I jest, Mum, of course.

I think she looks FAB – very different from when I left here mid to late January and she was still recovering from her hospital stay. Now she’s like “COME ON!!!!”

It’s hard on her, taking these baby steps back into this World. I look at the positive and there are plenty. I love seeing her spirit. Keep yelling Mum – we’ll get there.

Since I was here last … I was two weeks back in England. I watched my Brother Drew debut his new band (rousing success). I met Sissy Spacek’s and had to give myself a few hours to calm down afterwards. I visited an Edward Hopper exhibit, twice. I bought all new bathroom towels, a purchase that has restored my faith in towels. Oh, and I was offered a position that would require me to live in Germany – an idea I am seriously contemplating, to the point of a bookmark on my browser for Stuttgart.

I’m off to spend some time with Fred … So more to follow.

Happy Monday.

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