I have not abandoned Act 2 in my new series. Unfortunately, it’s a bit rambling and therefore not quite ready to be published. However, I shall fix those issues this weekend.

To be fair, my lack of blogging is not entirely Act 2’s fault. Rather, this week I’ve been distracted by being overly brilliant in a world I call my Excel spreadsheets.

Oh, yeah.

Nerd Alert – Nerdsmith

Ever heard of 3DMaps in Microsoft Excel? Well I just have, and without a moment to lose.

Oh how I do adore a solid display of Maps and Stats:

3D Maps in Microsoft Excel | Excel tutorials, Microsoft excel ...

So much so that last night I was in bed by nine just so I would wake up early this morning and get back to experimenting with what is rapidly becoming my newest obsession.

For those out there not a database AND map geek … this passionate discovery of mine resembles the first time I learnt about the phenomena that is pairing chocolate with wine.

If you’ve never tried, just how exquisite is a good label with a coco bean?

Put it this way. I am by no means a dessert lover on my finest days, and yet even I am magically transcended by the mystical romance of a glass of red wine with a morsel of fine dark chocolate, preferable enjoyed on a warm evening in a Mediterranean chateau with views of the sea.

[Sigh]. Remember, I’m also an English Major.

No pictures does this marriage justice, but this one offers an elegant tease.

Red Wine and Chocolate May Not Be So Healthful After All ...

Now, in full disclosure, I was originally going to compare my database/map discovery with the magical union between strawberries and (authentic if you please) feta cheese .

However. Upon reflection. Only one person has ever believed me when I’ve enthusiastically stated that this melon with that cheese combines freshness, sweetness, saltiness and creaminess in one’s mouth so harmonious to the senses that it were as if Antonio Vivaldi himself was conducing Four Seasons, Concerto No. 1 in E major, Spring in the next room over.

[Deeper sigh].

Also, the pictures of this dynamic duo aren’t nearly as sexy as the former.

Key Lime Pie Stuffed Strawberries + Video - Maebells

So, what am I doing here today?

Just offering a quick post to say I shall return to Act 2 before Monday. Until then, I am blissfully engaged in a world of spreadsheets, stats and global views for the rest of this week.

In the meantime, I leave a solid five minutes of Nate Bargatze as my comedic intermission.

Happy Thursday.

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