Je suis …

A few weeks ago, someone with whom I do not know well and who didn’t need to, blurted out that he thought I was “quite attractive”. It was funny because in doing so he interrupted himself. I laugh a little laugh. Said thank you. Then asked him to continue with his story.

People often volunteer their opinions about how I put myself together. What I wear. About my hair. My glasses. My shoes. It makes me mental because when you combine my level of effort for those 4 things … it would register maybe, MAYBE, a 2 on a scale of 20.

So why anyone would have a tinge of judgement about the things I put on my person is beyond me. But it happens. All the time. Unsolicited. Out of the blue. Even with strangers. And never in the form of compliment.

And it’s not fit to print the complete list of what people have directly said about how they feel about me. Let’s just say a few popular ones are scary, cold and bitch. And this about a person who celebrates the greatness that is Monty Python AND Rush.

I once had a guy confidently stare me in the eyes as he told me that he “couldn’t stand me.” He used those exact words. My calm reply of “that’s ridiculous” saw him storm off like a petulant child. I can’t recall that guy’s name, but I’ll bet he knows mine.

However, rarely, and I do mean rarely, has anyone stopped their train of thought to let me know they are enjoying what they see when they look at me. I found the entire 7 second off-topic unfiltered sentiment genuinely charming.

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