The Joker and Jesus

There is a guy who walks by my house wearing grass green skinny pants and a true purple slightly too tight sports jacket.

Had this been October I would have guessed he was dressed like the Joker for Halloween. But it’s April and May and he’s dressed like the Joker. You never know here. That could be his work outfit. Or his casual attire. Or maybe he really is the Joker. Either way, it adds to this town’s Keeping It Weird vibe. Just like the Jesus looking jogger who passed by about five minutes ago.

Trashy neighbour update.

Loser Number 1’s Mom and Dad, or people who looked like grownups, were by all day yesterday cleaning up the front, back and side outside piles of litter. I in no way condone violence of any kind, but how those parents didn’t punch him straight in the mouth before cleaning up his mess is beyond me. They were also removing stuff from inside.

News got around about the hopeful activity occurring around the worst house on Rose Ave, that even my Brother Paul stopped by to see if it was too good to be true that the horror house was finally over. It was. Loser 1 came back last night.

I know because he left their door unlocked and their three legged dog barking in complete darkness on what appeared to be one lonely sofa. Ric and Jenny, on the other side of them, fed what we thought was the abandoned pet, and we were all standing outside the house when Loser 1 sheepishly walked up with a buddy, not stopping, and went immediately into the house.


How cool would it had been that within days of each other I landed the job I wanted AND the drugged out creeps next door moved away? Not wanting to be selfish, one out of two ain’t bad … but oh I so wanted it to be a clean sweep.

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