Front Porch Sunday

From Sunday to Sunday, it’s been a long week. Happy to see it be almost a new one.

Heading out Tuesday to begin my trip North to New Hampshire. First it’s a three hour drive West to collect me Mum. Then we are 12 hours out from there. The only thing we have to do is deliver Kyle and Ellen’s car to them in their new home in Dover.

Otherwise it’s all about experiencing a new state.

I’ve got Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine under my belt. Even Montreal and Quebec. But somehow NH escaped a visit. By Thursday afternoon that little glitch will have been fixed.

Now onto today.

It’s a warm Summer morning, and there’s still about three fingers wide worth of coffee left in my cup. So I’ve time to motivate my get-up-and-go.

I’ve been purposely a fixture on my front porch this past week. Not staying inside, day or night, but also not going out out either. Case in point, I’m out on it as I type.

This front porch is a gentle spot now that the next door drama has been removed. However, with the poor wee cottage being the first on the street, I’m beginning to feel like the gatekeeper of Rose Ave. I’m too young to be people watching from a stoop.

So later on today the plan is to treat myself to my favourite pub/restaurant, catch a few giggles with the locals, and let the neighbourhood go undetected as they pass.

Before I get on with it … did you catch that Moon last night?

La Luna. La Bella Luna.

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