Morning Thoughts

A few meaningless morning thoughts to move this day ahead:

  • What ever happened to the saxophone?
  • I find it shocking how simple Britney Spears is … stuck in the world of a home-tutored 13 year old mediocre gymnast. This past week a court ordered her to be evaluated the same way a dependent is evaluated in child custody cases. Spears is almost 40. Her parents should have, years ago, been sued for abuse. I shudder to think what she’ll be like at 50.
  • Yes, I have an opinion about it and I like the name Archie. Bravo Team Sussex.
  • It makes me smile that yesterday I was reading Calvin and Hobbes and laughing out loud.
  • I had a frustrating dream where I was stopped by Irish TSA agents in an overcrowded aeroport, clearly going to miss my flight. With this lazy Sunday, there’s a nap in my future that could fix that plot.
  • I sent my Mum an email wishing her Happy Mother’s Day. I should have sent flowers. Could-ah. Should-ah. Regardless, I’m a moron with no excuses.
  • Elvis was as weird as how Ann Margaret danced.

T minus two days before my best friend Meike comes to visit, which also happens to be my Mum’s birthday.

Meike is the person in this world who knows all my stories, and I hers. A sister Aquarian just from Germany, and a day older than me, we share similar charismas that distract everyday people living their normal lives … and this has separately landed us in hot water with the universe … at times.

Let’s just say we march on independent paths to the beat of customised drums. And it intrigues souls.

Last time Meike and I met up in person was two years ago in Asheville, North Carolina … We had a blast spending the evening touring 5 or 6 spots around town. One of those places we ended up chatting up a travelling wedding party at a rooftop bar watching the sunset with thirty of our newest friends.

All good fun, we stayed the weekend and celebrated with the locals. Asheville, if you’ve not been, is what Boulder Colorado is like … but in my case without the weed.

We’ve some storytelling to catch up on. It’ll be good to hang out with my old friend again.

Happy Sunday.

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