Morning Whispers

I did the math, and I’ve been on 24 flights in the past 12 months.

Tallied up, and that number sounds ridiculous. But really? It’s high because it takes me 3 flights to get to where I’m going.

It’s a no brainer that my new favourite website is Delta.

Well, in about 3 1/2 weeks, that count jumps to 27.

Besides silly calculations, I’ve got nothing today.

Last week was a long work week mixed with some family estate drama, and my creativity feels used at the moment.

At work we had a super productive five days of designing, building then deploying very cool features for our website community. And we still have one more gem to get out there, which is only pending me and my time. Sunday’s looking promising.

The family stuff, well, that’s about coordinating five siblings so we can finalise the sale of our parents’ house. We’re doing great, with my Brother Drew playing administrator. But the whole thing sucks, and is a sad reminder of a chapter closing.

And I miss my Mum and Dad something fierce.

So I’m giving myself some time to just be present, and not stress about not being awed by the wonders of this here Universe.

It’s a day off to recharge.

About six hours in; I’m all over it.

I’ve completely owned my bedhead hair, to the point of finding it sexy in its wild style. My lounge wear consists of leggings and a long-ago “borrowed” oversized man’s shirt. My drink is a lingering cup of turmeric and ginger tea. My place is curled into the sofa corner, under a blanket that’s being warmed by the Sun.

Calm. Inviting. Quiet.

Yeah. That.


I need to remind myself more often, that, sometimes, all this Soul needs is to wrap itself up in the hush that comes from a whisper.

Loosely translated? Silence is golden.

Happy Saturday.

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