Purple Possibilities

Two days ago, my favourite local spot announced they are closing at the end of this month.

Immediately my thought was: Well, there goes the last excuse keeping me here.

So, this morning, I went onto Zillow … keyed in my living preferences … then removed the boundaries that limits search results to a concentrated area.

And as soon as I did, boy, did the purple circles fill my map.

Wow is all I have to say.

Also, apparently, I’m not that particular in my housing needs.

It does feel strange to have a hospitability closing be one’s “make or break” final straw for where to live.

But it’s totally explainable.

See, I found my neighbourhood local early on when I first moved here. I was doing my normal left right left exploring and spontaneously decided to pop in for a late lunch there.

The niceness. The positive energy. The laughter. The friendly vibes. I stayed almost two hours and truly left a healthier Soul because of that random weekend encounter.

And I’ve been regularly going back ever since.

Hell, a few of the people I met that day are in my phone today.

And there’s more.

It’s the people for sure, but it’s also the quirky that can charm the frown off any curmudgeon.

I can explain it better this way: It’s a place where Star Wars plays on the overhead screen until someone would rather watch a game. The music playlists range from Motown to Wilco to old school Madge. You can order straight up from the menu or improvise with the chef. And the stranger to your right, you’ve just discovered, has also read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

I mean.

You’ve got Space. You’ve got Torey Pines. You’ve got Ultravox. AND Dr. Who??

C’mon now.


I’m going to miss my Saturday spot, as I head over there one last time.

  • [Kicks dirt]
  • [Stoopid “change is the only constant” theory]

Then afterwards I’m going to take a look at those purple dots. And check out some of my new possibilities on that borderless map.

Happy Saturday.

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