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It’s 33 Canadian outside … that’s around 92 for you Fahrenheiters. I’ve left the blinds draw in this poor wee cottage, to enjoy a solitary Sunday away from the Summer heat and its shocking bright light.

I’ve been away for 7 days up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia visiting my Mum and brother Fred. My first in 4 months. I must admit it was odd being around humans every day. My 2020 norm has been people, but only by way of phone or neighbours at a distance. That aside, it was a good visit.

I returned yesterday afternoon just in time to see my Irish Twin mow the lawn then leave immediately with a wave goodbye as he headed out for a party. As I unpacked, instead of loading my dirty clothes in the washer, I threw them away in the empty kitchen rubbish bin instead. I obviously had more on my mind than laundry. Luckily I was aware of what I had done soon after, and righted the wrong.

This morning I woke before daylight for a glass of water, then entered a world of dreams where I was hanging outside an Aspen home with zen actress Goldie Hawn and her family. Sometime later, the scene switched to me as a novice cashier poorly processing backed up Christmas packages for annoyed customers. Stressed out, I told myself to wake up. Happily for me I listened.

That’s my day thus far. I’ve a few French lessons to learn. Maybe I’ll find a nice book to listen to … I had started re-reading James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small at my parents house. I wonder if there is a good recording on Audible?

In the meantime, I’ve added to my music collection. Today’s finds are two pros with new albums and two never-before-heard-of artists, who, when sampled, had me at tracks 9, 4 and 2.

Juke Ross – Chapter 2

Willie Nelson – First Rose of Spring

Loreena McKennitt – Lost Souls

Night Riots – Love Gloom

Seeing my new music purchase collectively, they each seem to have have a melancholic theme to them. Interesting. Perhaps there is more than I thought to my simply being distracting and throwing my clothes away …

Happy Sunday.

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