Six Feet Apart

My friend Jay posted this on Instagram. He said: Even if you’re not into American country music, listen to this anyway. It’s by Luke Combs and the song is called Six Feet Apart.

To quote Jay again, it’ll hit you like a slow moving truck.

When the dogwoods start to bloom
And the crickets hum their tune
That’s usually about the time
That I feel most alive
But the news has all been bad
And the whole world seems so sad
I ain’t had much else going on
So I sat down and wrote this song

I miss my mom, I miss my dad
I miss the road, I miss my band
Givin’ hugs and shakin’ hands
It’s a mystery, I suppose
Just how long this thing goes
But there’ll be crowds and there’ll be shows
And there will be a light after dark
Someday when we aren’t six feet apart

First thing that I’m gonna do
Is slide on in some corner booth
And take the whole damn family out
And buy my buddies all a round
Pay some extra on the tab
Catch a movie, catch a cab
Watch a ballgame from the stands
Probably over-wash my hands

I miss my mom, Iā€¦

Luke Combs

I’m far from crying. However. That being stated.

I am moved by the longing lyrical expression for old social norms during a time when it is unclear if we will return our human interaction to a point of being able to shake hands and buy a friend or a stranger a beer.

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