I am the only person I know who is 100% behind the clocks “falling back,” and it getting darker and darker, earlier and earlier.

Perhaps if I lived on a lake or by the beach … and experienced those long hot Summers in movies … you know, the ones where toned people lounge on boats and docks, in a world devoid of mosquitos and flies … then maybe, just maybe, I’d be less inclined towards being a “Seasonal Goth.”

Cute, right?

Anyway, until someone does something about bugs around water in July, I am genuinely looking forward to today’s sunset at 5:07pm.


I’m also looking forward to the acceptable wearing of layers, boots, and hats … all whilst indoors.

Oh, how I do enjoy a good jacket.

But first, mind if we walk into November?


Okay, in my book, October flashed by, and I don’t understand how.

I mean it was just right here.

I remember October 1st.

Then there was Toothgate.

Then there was Operation Remove Tooth. Happily, it was one in the far back.

My Brother Joe had a birthday.

And Halloween decorations went up immediately, and they’re still up.


What I’m saying is that stuff happened in October.

I mean real stuff.

But, whoosh, now it’s November 5th.

And I’m not mentally ready for November.

There seems to be so much to do.


Yesterday my Brother Drew and I finalised our Mum’s estate, which means me booking time and actually going into a bank to close everything out.

I’m having an in-person day with my colleague on Wednesday. This is awesome, and we have the best “white board” sessions. But it’s something that requires more of me than what I usually give before 9am.

I’m having an evening out with two of my friends on Thursday.

I have to buy an outfit for a December wedding, in England.

Oh, and I’m flying to England in less than 2 weeks.

Note to Self: Put in a stop- mail-delivery notice.


All that is fine except peppered in with those is that I am behind at work, thanks to Toothgate. That lost week caused every deadline date to slide to the right of the calendar at least 7 days.

Which means I am bunched.






You know, after re-reading the above, I’m changing my take on November.

I mean: Banks know how to do banks. Hanging out with people is good for the Soul. Clothes can be bought anywhere. And work? At this point, I’ve got work down.

Gotta love finding perspective.

See? That little twist is precisely why I took up writing.

Happy Sunday.

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