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Time for a Top 10!

Top 10 Me Things

Each morning I go over my dream.

I do not place stock in dreams. But they are fun, and they are fascinating. And, in my case, involve famous people.

Of late, my two dreamy best friends are the Prince and Princess of Wales.


Water. Coffee. Tumeric Tea. Wine.

That’s my liquid. No soda. No beer. And never anything sweet.

Sometimes wine takes a backseat to whisky. Currently I am on a Japanese whisky exploration. It’s a bit expensive but oh so warming to sip.

But my routine starts, middles and ends with water.


Outwardly my public self is earthy and boyish, with a bedhead-who-cares vibe.

In my post-shower state, though, I’m a gentle hint of a fruity floral mist … of the apple, magnolia and sandlewood kind.


I attempt a New York Times puzzle every morning. Keyword is attempt.


My inbox gets an unread clean sweep, daily. Gmail has really become a lot of noise. I’d get rid of the thing but I need it for half my logins.

Unfortunately, this means periodically binning an actual message from someone I actually know. So, my apologies if you’ve not heard back from me. Next time, text.


When I can find a rubber band, somewhere in my hair will be a hidden braid.


Since birth, I have been aware of my Faith. But Faith was something I owned, like a disgarded box in a dusty corner.

About eight years ago I began to visit that corner. And those visits became a thing I privately did. Quietly taking the room in, I still had this feeling of being “over there” when in that space.

One day, on a drive up over a mountain, I experienced a blue-light flash that lasted less than a second and chronicled my entire life. In the depths of that flash then came from me a single admission and a single plea. Which was then followed by something that I can only describe as an all enveloping hug.

From that time, Faith is the soft comfortable fabric and shield covering my whole being.


By the way, that is the first time I’ve been able to describe that mountain moment. It’s taken me four years.

See, now THIS is exactly why I write. I’ve been waiting for the right words to explain that.

Wow. What a gift.

Okay, moving on … where was I?

Right. Number 8.


Every day I pause for Nature.

It could be to watch a squirrel. Or a cloud. Water flowing. A person. A spider web.

Whatever. Who cares. I’m a fan.


Visine. Chapstick. Glasses. These are my daily musts.

All other things are gravy in my book.


In my tiny circle, I am around nice people. And nice people are just so, well … Nice.

I leave agendas to the gameplayers, to score amongst themselves. Long since removed from that rubbish, I am free to have a lovely day, every day.

Oh sure, it doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes nonsense gets in. And I’m bummed when it does.

But I try, and I always give it another go.

It’s just that simple, and it’s probably the part that I like most about being me.


Happy Saturday.

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