One Tea To Rule Them All

After 986 years of searching,

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I’ve at last found my liquid gold warm beverage drink. It took its time, and I never knew it was a thing, but oh how I am all in with Turmeric Tea.

The taste. The aroma. The slight citrus mixed with a hint of sweet and a touch of something akin to curry. All elements braid together to linger on my tongue, sending warmth to my senses which creates a security in my soul that only previously was achieved when wrapped in an exotic blanket from Marrakech reading a classic novel on a chilly Winter afternoon in February.

Wait, there’s more.

Turmeric Tea is my first love affair with food in four years, when I first discovered my passion for Spanish cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Talk about real liquid gold. Even mentioning it now and I wonder what I can make tonight just so I can enjoy that mediterranean delight. Food optional, I’ve been known to take an independent sip from a spoon to feel the freshness of pure olive oil wave down my throat.

I beginning to wonder if this post is safe for work.

For a time afterwards I gave olive oil as gifts, replacing cards, candy and books with the more-than-wine-expensive Spanish dressing. I stopped doing that at some point. I should fire that back up. I see an olive oil present as a soft scent wrapped in a splendid bottle and a beautiful compliment to any kitchen. And I want everyone to indulge this natural wonder of the world.

And I can feel myself becoming THAT person with this Turmeric Tea thing. Only … I don’t want to give it away.

I don’t want you to try it. I don’t care about your opinion. I don’t want to see how it looks on you. Your tea means nothing to me. As a matter of fact, I don’t want you anywhere near my Turmeric. My Tea. My …

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Oh boy.

Since this discovery I have at least 4 packets on me at all times, wherever I go. I was away for 4 days and absolutely did a box of Turmeric Tea accompany me. I sat in my parents’ guest room, swaying in their rocking chair, cupping a warm mug of Turmeric Tea between my hands as outside the mountain winds rustled through the tree leaves. I’m enjoying a cup of Turmeric Tea as I write this post. Last night, I drank Turmeric Tea in my dream whilst Jamie and the other characters from Outlander re-arranged the living furniture to the liking of Clare.

Outlander is the baffling part here because I only watched one season of that show and that was, like, maybe, 4 years ago.

I’m not entirely sure how to wrap this entry except to simply stop typing. I mean, I’ve pretty much put it out there that if I had to choose I’m standing with Turmeric Tea, so don’t ask if you don’t like that answer.

Interesting, this reminds me of another cause I recently put on a shirt ….

Happy Saturday. It’s fun to be silly.

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