J’adore …

It was dreams within dreams last night. Good grief. So many it would take too long to explain, so a snippet will have to do. One instance of my dream saw me in the backseat of a car speeding towards an oncoming train. Right before impact, I jumped into another scene, this time waking in that dream, screaming in a restaurant, much to displeasure of the surrounding patrons.

Then there was the part where actor Paul Rudd revealed himself to a right old douche bag. I mean, I’m talking a scummy despicable character. A scoundrel. Don’t get me wrong, even a rakish Paul Rudd is sexy. However, I think I can speak for 98.6% of the entire general population when I say that no one wants Paul Rudd to be anything other than a naturally charming and gifted person, and someone who you’d invite over often for dinner.

Image result for charming Paul Rudd
He’s a bit of a Baldwin.

Next after Mr. Rudd, I woke into another dream where I watched from a second floor window as a man in a Joker mask jump over my fence and head towards the house. Beyond frightening, this proved too much for my sub-conscious, and I opened my eyes at 5:14 am, safely tucked under the covers surrounded by my seven pillows.

My brain. It confounds me, but I’ll take it.

Moving on …

A BIG applause for the weekend today. That was a nice realisation this morning, post my apocalyptic sub-conscious storytelling adventures.

The weather is Canadian pleasant. Work is a half day. And this evening I’m off to see my Brother Drew’s band play their second gig, at an album launching party. Never been to a launch party, but more interested in hearing Drew play again.

Then Saturday and Sunday I will make it my mission to explore. Maybe find a place I’ve not previously heard of? Or perhaps go for a lazy long river walk? Or open the sunroof and a drive towards the ocean?

It doesn’t matter what I can imagine myself doing, everything I seem to suggest comes off as terribly romantic. But it’s not my fault, ’tis the time.

The flowers are blooming. The buds are on the trees. Colour is returning. Days are longer. Windows are open.

Breathe in … Look …

Image result for sun meadow

Breathe out … Smile …

Maybe I’m pushing Spring too early, but I’m excited to add yellow sundresses to my Winter wardrobe of dark hoodies and tan boots. Loose fitting clothing and bare feet. Ah, doesn’t that sound lovely? And without much effort, romantic too.

Je suis prêt pour le printemps ici. Mais j’aime vivre en Angleterre, où la saison est l’hiver. Voici les raisons pour lesquelles j’aime vivre en Angleterre, et c’est aussi romantique

Not completely setting my sights South, pandemic pending, I head back to England sometime in the next four weeks. Which means another fortnight working during the week days in Bristol, sipping cider in the evening whilst looking out over the waterfront towards a twilit Wales, and spending the weekends visiting towns with old cathedrals, flowers blooming in every garden and outdoor markets with cooking aromas tingling the senses and tummy.

See? It’s not me. There’s just something in the air …

Happy Friday.

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