Only Monday

What season is this?

About an hour ago I had to put on the house heat after I realised that both my shirt and feet were chilled to the touch. Loco weather, just kissing 60F.

It’s been a singular day. Besides a phone call with my up and coming new boss, I haven’t verbally engaged this world, and I hope it remains that way for the rest of evening. Sunday was enough human interaction. There is no reason for Monday to follow suit.

I’m excited for Tuesday. One of my oldest friends, Meike, is coming into town. Just one day, we have some catching up to do. So we will be out and about for dinner and drinks downtown, sampling the local restaurant scene. We are sure to fill the night.

Until then I’m hanging out with Create TV, watching straight up cooking shows about how to cook recipes that I have no intention of ever attempting. What is someone like me going to do with an egg wash? I simply appreciate how well produced those programmes are … it’s like golf, I love watching PGA on TV; I have never swung a club in my life.

It’s a positive distraction. As Chef Nick Stellino says: “Come for the recipes, stay for the stories.”

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