Planes, Pillows and Mum

It was my travel day yesterday. Which had me, from start to finish, waking up on my pillows in one continent, walking through four airports, on three planes, in three countries … and finally resting my head on my pillows on another continent.

All lovely. No issues. Just a long day.

Still on the go, apparently, I woke twice morning. Once during a dream in a yellow bedroom in a farmhouse, and secondly FROM that farmhouse dream to here in this poor wee cottage.

It took me a couple of seconds to figure out where I was when I opened my eyes. That’s what 17+ awake hours of wandering does to one’s reality. Needless to say, coffee was much needed as I logged into work and fired up the brain cells.

Bonus, I had a chat with my Mum about an hour ago … She. Sounds. Fabulous. AND she says she feels so much improved and focus, a far cry from when I left. Such wonderful news.

Hearing the strength in her voice and her positive words gave me a warm and fuzzy on Day One of me missing where I was these past two weeks.

Balance always offers perspective.

Right. Now, back to work. Then, in a few hours, I’ll head off to my local for a much needed salad and a catch up on the gossip with the crew. Yes. That sounds like a solid plan.

Happy Wednesday (which I thought was Tuesday until I wrote this sentence).

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