Sleepy Waves

My horoscope today tells all Aquarius that we need to withdraw and isolate ourselves, and to achieve this we should:

  1. Volunteer whilst conserving our emotional energy.
  2. Turn off our phones.
  3. Take a nap.

This means, if my years of critical theorising endures, that every individual born between January Some-Date and February Whatever-Date … gets to tune out after doing something other than work-work, then immediately go back to bed.

How friggin awesome is this?

Dear World:

Cate-Cate-By-the-Garden-Gate will not be in the office today, because the Universe of Tarot hath spoken:

Aquarius, you need a moment to withdraw and isolate at this time, but that doesn’t stop worldly matters from demanding your attention. You are generous and benevolent toward others and powerfully inspired to acts of service. Volunteer work is a great way to participate while conserving your emotional energy. Helping others from a place of seclusion is especially rewarding, so turn off your phone. After you’ve completed your task, take a long nap. You cease to be useful when you’re exhausted.

Warm Regards. Oh, and about that …

Signed: Mummy Nat.

I mean, who’s gonna argue with Mother Earth? Not me, that’s for one.

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Ah, ’tis lovely to be a wave in a sea with other sleepy waves.

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Happy Thursday.

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