Here’s what I’m not going to do today:

I’m not going to discuss the overturned US Constitutional ruling of a woman’s right to govern the innerworkings of her own vessel.

I’m not going to discuss the new US “gun law” bill that doesn’t do shit.

I am not going to log into work.

I’m planning to do nothing to improve the condition of this poor wee cottage, which includes not doing laundry, not cleaning floors, and not breaking down the three empty Amazon boxes.

Oh, and I’m not going to make my bed either

Here’s what I am going to do instead:

I’m going to have another cup of coffee.

I’m going to resolve the last 4 missing clues from today’s New York Times Spelling Bee puzzle.

I will do one more Greek lesson in Duolingo, because I did so well on the first one this morning.

And I’m absolutely going to avoid the following versions of lights: Day. Sun. Fan. Oven. Overhead. And, peaking-thru-the-window-blind … lights.

So why the smiley face turned upside down? Besides the obvious I mean ….

This comes on the heal of my marathon dream where I was homeless and sleeping outside on window ledges .. then had to go to the first day of class only to realise I graduated the previous year … and when I went back to get my homeless bed, someone had run off with my favourite childhood comforter.

Sigh. My dreams have never been that difficult to interpret.

My apologies.

I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of life this morning. Rather, this morning woke up on the wrong side of me.

I’m thinking a solid nap might just fix this glitch.

Happy Saturday.

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