This is my morning thus far:

  1. Moving through my French lessons like a Québécois.
  2. Editing a few work papers.
  3. At hour twenty of a 60-hour audible marathon audible read of Sherlock Holmes by Stephen Fry (it’s been my background music all week) …
  4. Whilst I sit at my desk with both the front and garden door windows open to birds and bus noises outside.

Where I’ve just discovered a men’s fashion magic trick called “collar stays” …

How To Wear Collar Stays For Men | How To Keep Dress Shirt Collars ...

Who knew? Rather clever little accessories.

And I embark on re-learning the flags of the world. As a kid I remember being quite good at identifying countries with their flags. At the moment, however, it’s all a sea of colours, stars, triangles and crosses.

At first glance I can spot Iceland, Jamaica, Belgium, Norway, Turkey and France. That’s a fail on any test. I’ll get there.

So that’s me today. And here I shall remain until the bell rings this afternoon. No news. No social media. A day off. Just me playing with my brain and drinking turmeric tea.

And it’s serving this soul well.

Happy Thursday.

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