Mental Break

From this global pandemic spanning past 4 months, to corrupt police, to angry citizens, to peaceful protesting, to late night sounds of circling helicopters, to toppling statues and the word F**K graffiti’ed all over this town, to being physically without family and best friends, to zero travel, to missing the entire months of April and May, to angry media, to glass house celebrities, to bans on art, to JK Rowling’s 8-page messy essay … I’m mentally sideways.

Oh, I can handle the above, it’s not a choice. However, when there is the luxury of safe solitude and time, taking a break is OKAY.

So, in honour of my brain slipping out of my skull, I’m looking at tiny houses.

This one’s beating them all at the moment, and the inside/out kitchen table is quality. What can I say? This is my form of meditation.

20 more mins … that’s all I need.

Hang in there.

Happy Friday.

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