Socks and Dreams

I know it is early on in Winter’s career. And I’m all out keeping ice floating in arctic seas. That being said, based on the towels lining the doors and the New Zealand socks I wore to bed last night under three thick blankets … I’m concerned it is never going to be warm again.


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I visited Montreal in February one year. And without worth of a lie, it was so cold that I had to pop into every fourth shop because my eyes were freezing over. I laughed as the heat from the store caused my eyes to drop tears.

Canadian Cold is a wonderous treat.

I had one of those ‘back to school’ dreams last night.

The storyline was based in a biology classroom outside a busy mediterranean street filled with students from my old schools. My best friend Katey* was there.

*Per all my blog posts, all personal names have been changed.

So was her brother Bobby, who passed away recently all too soon. Janey from Middle School was there. I’ve not spoken to her in years, but there she was. We all reminisced about Bobby, though he was present, with tenderness.

Katey and Bobby were like twins. Best friends. So close. Someone in the classroom said Bobby was now in a place where he was more beautiful. At first Katey took exception to the sentiment. Then she realised it was said with kindness and welled up at the thought.

Wow. Powerful stuff, the subconscious.

Our imaginary teacher was my old art teacher, Ms. Anderson. Oh, and I sat next to a twenty-something Ralph Macchio. Great hair that Ralph. Lovely complexion too.

Wow. Funny stuff too, the subconscious.

In the dream we had a stack of valentine’s day cards on our desks. The classroom assignment was to go through the pile, locate your name and see if anyone signed the back of your card.

As everyone looked on, I turned my card over. It was blank. I smiled and looked up to find Ralph smiling too, and cheekily so.

Another sleep engaged by plotlines to keep me snuggled up in bed for the night. Ralph Macchio was a nice touch. So were the socks.

Happy Thursday.

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