Duly Noted

It is once again time … to note a few things about this website, just in case someone stumbles upon a Finnegan Begin Again post.

This is my disclaimer. I rewrite it a couple times a year as reminder to anyone new, and to check myself as well.


All content is my own unless sourced.

I have opinions. I am utterly amused by the daily person that is me. I have a flawed emotional heart and a well made brain. Good and ugly, I explore both sides of my coin. Sometimes with celebration. Sometimes with a wish for atonement through self-flagellation. I do not require assistance to express myself as I take two steps forward and one step back.


I do not use real names. Once I did when posting about my cousin Wade who passed away in 2016. He’s the exception, and I just did it again.

Every local person I write about is called by a different name. And by ‘local’ I mean people people, not the plastic people living in la la land, those names are real. As an example, I do have 4 brothers. However their names aren’t Joe, Fred, Irish Twin or Drew. And my Core 6 friends aren’t Katey, Angie, Han, Rinna, Hannah or Marty.

All ten of those people figure prominently in my life, but I want to protect them socially like I do my parents. This way I can honour their privacy AND post stories about how they have to unconditionally adore me.

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I am self-deprecating, for sure. I make light of life, absolutely. I’ll call out a pretentious celeb. But I will not write with an agenda, and I do not seek out human beings.

Hate is not here. This blog is about movies, coffee, travel, my baggy pants and my very funny empty refrigerator.


Work specifics are off the table. Mine and anyone’s.

I’m thrilled to be a software engineer. I love what I do. I took my degree in English Literature with French as my Arts … then landed in a world of databases and designs. That’s awesome.

Put it this way, I believe I have the best job in the world. It’s just the other stuff that goes along with my profession belongs to individuals whom I did not choose to be in my life. Ergo, work details are not mine to share so I stay away as a rule. Also, it’s the smart thing to do.


Besides, why would I write about my job when in Australia concert goers bailed on a Janet Jackson concert after they discovered, GASP, she lip-syncs poorly to her own songs?

Dear Gentle People of Oz:

For. Her. Entire. Career. Let’s not confuse studio with sunrises. One is manufactured the other is natural.

Warm regards, hope to see you again soon.



True are the places I go. I grew up in England and Greece. I go to Ireland often and I go to England often. Greece not so much. I live in the US but my head is constantly somewhere else and my suitcase and passport are never stored away … as evidenced by the 23 countries, 492 cities I’ve visited. And, yes, I’m still counting.


I am on a quest to write the perfect sentence. That being said, I am a dismal editor. So I unabashedly edit after publishing, and I edit often.


Okay, I TRY to refrain from cursing in posts. I know flinging f bombs cheapens the point. However, a few will make it past the green light.

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I can’t help it. As singer songwriter Matt Nathanson says: I’m a fan of the swears.

People, places, work, editing, cursing … I think that covers my blog disclaimer until next time.

I shall consider myself, and you, duly noted.

If I left something out, I’m sure I’ll be back to fix the glitch.

Happy Saturday.

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