Summer Days

Wednesday night a friend stopped by for an impromptu visit with my front porch and few pours from my near empty bottle of Jameson. A cool cat, that guy, he makes me smile. We had a couple of chats about nothing in particular all ending in laughter. After maybe an hour my friend left and I went inside and called it a day.

Those are the finest kinds of chats, ones that are just for fun and don’t take up too much time or booze.

Thursday had me on the phone a with my almost boss asking me to start work the moment I get back from my Road Trip Number 3, which begins around June 26th.

Google Map Road Trip Number 3

I said yes, and he relayed that to leadership for approval. So it’s looking that my official date could be July 1 and my first day July 8th.

On Friday I ran into Gia at my local and she and I gab’ed it up whilst I picked at a much needed late afternoon Chef Salad. I’ve appreciated Gia from day one of knowing her name. Her view of the world is refreshingly human and she thinks life is light and meets the darker times with a smile.

With Gia and a handful of other patrons, we added to the cheerful vibe that resonated in the pub.

This Saturday morning it was the French Open Men’s Semi-final with Thiem taking a five setter over Djokovic. And right now the Women’s Final with Ash Barty owning the game like the fully realised tennis player she is. She’s got the first serve, a strong one handed backhand, she slices, drops and comes to the net. Also, she has a catchy name like a footie player.

If Ash Barty wins, she’ll be the first Oz to win the French in 46 or 47 years since the great Margaret Court. Very exciting. Stunning weather day in France too.

Next up, Belmont.

It’s been a lovely couple of positive interactive days. I hope it continues this way for a couple of more.

Happy Saturday.

Follow up: Congrats to Ash Barty for her first win at the French Open. Commanding with a natural touch, reminiscent of John McEnroe’s style on the court.

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