Random Friday Thoughts

  • Where’s Russell Crowe?
  • Every morning I delete without reading about 60 messages from my inbox. Ridiculous.
  • Check mark on finding an Indian restaurant with awesome reviews. That’s going to be my Sunday late afternoon.
  • Finally a day where Brexit isn’t headlining.
  • The last time I was at a mall was two years ago.
  • I’ve come to accept that fact that until I hire a personal shopper, my refrigerator is a useless piece of equipment in my house.
  • Father’s Day is approaching. Sigh.
  • The grey sky soaking rain outside is creating a warm blanket comfy feeling inside, something akin to a snowy day. And it’s complimenting my cute hair up, oversized man’s shirt and baggy sweats look. A welcoming cocoon effect is enveloping my world, which is powerful, soothing and lovely. I think I’ll stay in this here and now for a little while longer, and appreciate this unexpected visitor.

Happy Friday

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