Tea for One

Saturday was a light day for this human. I’d describe it as a day of floating. Not detached. Rather, more like being a part of the atmosphere above my head instead of being acutely aware of the pull of gravity from my feet below. A solid respite.

Oh would it were like that everyday. But I don’t want to be greedy.

My mind is continuing the trend of literal dreaming. Last night my brain took me to a place to be amongst a former co-worker who used to be my friend and now who is neither. Harmless, they disappeared as soon as I opened my eyes.

Lovely thing about dreams, it takes effort to remember them and little to forget. So when I woke and remembered, I simply turned my waking thoughts to birds, morning light, fresh water, clean pillows, yesterday’s post, French roasted coffee and the rest of this day.

Poof! Like magic, the dream was gone.

At some point this upcoming week I have to do a shop. I don’t want to go. I don’t like shopping on the best of days. Unfortunately, the food supplies in the cottage are at a new low and I need to do something about it.

More than having to fill a sparse pantry, I’m craving fresh produce – tomatoes, cucumbers, melon, radishes, carrots. Which means I have to go to an actual grocery store, push a cart around strangers wearing gloves and masks and engage a check out crew behind a plastic shield. It’s a depressing reality. BUT, a fact for Monday that I am going to be unable to avoid.

Moving On … and to the story of my latest wonder …

Recently, an unexpected parcel landed on my front porch.

The medium sized brownish box had a large ‘FRAGILE’ note pasted on its side. I checked the name and address before bringing it in, as I’ve been delivered my neighbour’s packages and twice opened them up without noticing it wasn’t for me. Now I always look first. The box clearly had my name on the white label.

When I opened the package – this was expertly bundled in plastic bubble wrap:

A Buddha Teas signature medallion mug. I don’t know if that’s what is called, but that is precisely what it looks like.

A couple of things about this new addition: A) I’ve not heard of Buddha Teas prior to this gift. B) I did not order this mug. C) It arrived without an associated note.

A downright mystery.

In my finest Sherlock Holmes moment, upon inspection of the parcel label, my last name was formatted in a manner that I do not use [hint, I have a space in my last name].

That was two weeks ago.

Since then I find it endearing. Like anonymous flowers. And the mug is cozy, and well made. So if it was meant for me with no strings attached. Then so be it.

Then last week a second parcel arrived on my front porch.

This time I lingered longer on the address. It was again from Buddha Teas, which I noticed originated out of Texas. The box was lighter than the first, and missing was a FRAGILE warning on the side. Once again the name and address were mine. And, once again, my last name was missing the space that is always on labels when purchases are made by me.

Like before, I bought in the parcel, only this time when I opened it I found:

Three boxes of Turmeric Ginger Tea.

Now, a couple of things about this second gift: A) As of February 2020, Turmeric has been my new go-to tea. B) I did not order this tea. C) It arrived without an associated note.

Tea is not necessarily in my repertoire of chatty chats. I’m sure I’ve posted something about it in jest. Also, I don’t know how many people know my warm beverage preference, and even less know I drink THAT specific tea. The coincidence is too great, therefore, ergo, I surmise these items are intentionally meant for me.

As no one is asking after their present, and I do not feel right sleuthing beyond my own mind, a mystery this shall remain with a sprinkle of drama thrown in for effect.

That being said, in the event that the individual who sent this to me is out there and listening. The mug is lovely and the tea is divine.

Thank you.

Happy Sunday.

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