Woke naturally. And light. What a wonderful way to pass through the night.

Currently I’m listening to an audiobook written and read by Stephen Fry. Heroes: The Greek Myths Reimagined. Medusa never had a chance against Perseus, protected by Athena’s mirrored shield. I had forgotten that Medusa, upon beheading, birthed twins, one being Pegasus.

Earlier I paid a few important bills. Check mark for another month of utilities and power. Yay!

What else?

Ugh, read about lovely Pier 45 in San Fran leveled by flames in an early morning fire, it is still be smoldering. Oh, I do/did like that place. It was a intellectual curiosity to walk down the pier to look into the apprentice shops of old still producing today. Another distressing end for a historic spot that I used to enjoy. Me and millions of others.

Looked up airlines tickets. Just checking. Nada on the trips I want to take. The results still read: We searched 400 airlines and found nothing with that destination with those flexible dates.

I popped into a local market shop to pick up nothing in particular wearing my mask that fogs my glasses, then drove back with sunroof open to finish drying my hair. To be fair, I was within my boundary, that general store has been my go-to place since this all began.

Finally, in about an hour I shall ring England to spend a few hours chatting it up with one of my favourite people in the world.

For another weekend in this pandemic, minus the Bay area news, this day is serving this soul well.

Hang in there.

Happy Saturday.

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