The Last 24 Hours

I went to Mass last night via YouTube, for Easter Vigil.

It was a comforting time well spent, and a long time since I heard those words echoing through a cathedral into these ears.

I sat still. I listened. I remembered.

I thought about this world.

I thought about specific people in this world.

I said thank you after each prayer, and meant it with all of my heart.

Then, I went to sleep.

And whilst asleep, I dreamt I was on one of those enormous Alaskan cruise liner ships … attending an Opera …escorted by my former work mentor KU.

KU was dressed in a dashing classic black tuxedo, perfectly tailored. And I was in a long flowing vintage-blue gown, a colour right out of a faery tale yet styled with a 1920s flare.

Indianapolis Museum of Art | 1920s fashion, Fashion history, Vintage outfits

We ascended many a staircase, slowly. We casually swaying through many a hallway, weaving around the other patrons.

Each step, each turn … was decorated with the same theatre-velvet-red. It draped the walls. It ran along the carpets. It was on every chair and capped every rail.

Adopt a Seat at the Paris Opera | Gryffindor aesthetic, Hogwarts aesthetic,  Aesthetic colors

Once seated, an actual performance began in my dream. I know not what the opera was, but it was Italian and the stage was filled with scenery and actors – all singing and moving …

With the energy of a Bruegel Family Reunion:

A Bruegel family reunion in Bath | Apollo Magazine

But looking more like a production of Don Giovanni:

Pamina's Opera House » Personality Typing in Opera: Don Giovanni

It was beautiful and special to watch, and I felt equally so about myself.

Also, as non-box seats go in a dream sequence, we had a fantastic view of the entire stage.

The opera lasted only so long before the scene switched over to a warm night’s walk through a quiet London neighbourhood lit by lamps. And perhaps right after a light rain? Though, truth be told, the rain better suits a walk in Paris in April than it does England.

Still in my dress, I strolled down a hushed residential street in Mayfair, a street I know so well.

It was all very Freddy Eynsford Hill (My Fair Lady) if you must know.

Reelstreets | My Fair Lady

Then I woke in a sea of pillows, at a sensible time, on a Sunday morning.

Just as content, as I was when I went to bed.

How’s that for nice?

A lovely 24 hours.

14 Popular Easter Flowers and What They Symbolize | Southern Living

Happy Easter.

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