The Tempest

I went to an outdoor play yesterday evening.

We were a crew of 9. It was me, my Brother Drew, his wife Rebi and six of their lovely lovely friends. Of which, Mike, I have known since he and Drew were best friends in Greece. It was wonderful to catch up on his life and family.

The stage was in front of a Tudor styled 1500s English mansion brought over to the US in the 1920s. The House, or Hall, sits on a hill, surrounded by gardens and walks that eventually lead down to the River. It was stunning. And, turns out, is only 6 minutes from my house.

The entire evening’s experience was filled with colours.

First we sat on blankets in one of the many ornate green and blue garden, ours was bathed in a setting 6:30 pm sunlight where we drank our picnic wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Hall garden entrance

Then Drew and Mike scouted out the last row seats for us to enjoy the play … think a tiered stadium venue that seats 200.

Waiting for The Tempest

There in the back we continued to sip our wine as we watched talented actors share with us their version of The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

No photos during performance allowed, the weather could not have been more cooperative. I’d say it was 20C/70F. Just perfect as the night came in which made the yellow stage lights cast soft shadows on the black and white Tudor backdrop and illuminate the painted head to toe colour blue of the actor playing Ariel.

Afterwards the players greeted us as we walked away from the Hall to our cars. I extended my hand and warmly congratulated Ariel and Prospero.

The play, the acting, the gardens, the night, Drew, Rebi and their friends … it was all so poetic and incredibly romantic. The kind of romance that one feels walking in the rain amongst flowers in a meadow on a summer day.

That feeling stayed with me until I called it a night, resting my happy head on my comfy pillows …


Thank you Drew.

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