Counting To 10

Top 10 Things from the last 8 Days

  • 1) Tuesday morning I found the entire contents of my glove box covering my car’s passenger-side seat and floor. Everything else inside was left undisturbed (including my decade-old iTunes player). Any guesses what someone was looking for? Yeah. Sorry, mate. Wrong house.
  • 2) I’m 24 hours into connecting with my Namesake Niece on Google chat and email. It’s very cool. And her command of English grammar far exceeds mine.
  • 3) 6 days left until I use passport again, this time I’m going via Amsterdam instead of Dublin.
  • 4) Last night Drew, Rebi, Namesake and I watched Babette’s Feast for the 18th time. In honour of the story, we sipped champagne to Namesake’s milk, as we each spooned caviar onto chips, and dined on Drew’s cailles en sarcophage (a pastry delight literally translated as quails in a coffin … a dish prepared in the Feast). Yep, we 4, we be nerds.
  • 5) Today I log Day 16 of days-worked-in-a-row.
  • 6) Upon leaving the stylist’s chair on Monday, it dawned on me that I have yet to have a decent haircut in over 24 months. Sigh.
  • 7) For no reason in particular I watched zero Olympics. I meant to at least enjoy some Curling. Eesh.
  • 8) My surprise dozen rose bouquet continues to remind me that someone out there finds me lovely.
  • 9) Since last week, my refrigerator has held 3 things: A bag of carrots. A wee tub of Irish butter. A bottle of organic mustard. I challenge even the most experienced chef to make something palatable from that.
  • 10) This morning I realised that I don’t own a single ’90s R&B tune. Oh, I fixed that shameful oversight before I even finished my 2nd cuppa. First up? Why, Mr. Barry White …

Say what you will about my 1-9.

But my 10?

I mean. C’mon now.

Happy Saturday

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