Lights, candles, action!

It is written:

TV host, businesswoman, actress Oprah Winfrey (1954) shares your birthday today. You are philosophical; and you value your independence. You are driven to accomplish your goals. This is the last year of a nine-year cycle, which means you will be completing things and letting go of what is no longer relevant in your life. Time to take inventory. How well are you doing at the art of living?

And it is also said:

You will bust your buns today doing important research because you have the mental energy to do this. Your mind is curious, sharp and very active. Furthermore, whatever you discover will make you feel elated and satisfied with a sense of accomplishment.

Which translate to:

Today you are thrilled that the snow stayed on the grass and not on the roads. However, you will be puzzled all morning as to why you chose your birthday, of all days, to experiment with your coffee water-to-grounds ratio. A quick Q&A with your spirit guides may be required to explore that riddle, Aquarius. Whilst there, you might want to enquire after your travel plans back to the Land of Arthur around mid-ish February. By afternoon you will be fully absorbed in your work project which carries a completion delivery date of sunrise on Monday. This will go well for you because of your universal connection to Oprah. In the meantime, send back a well meaning ‘thank you!’ to all who text you a kind wish today, even to those that your phone can only display as numbers.

Χρόνια πολλά (happy birthday) to me.

Thank you Mummy for the flowers.

Now, to fix that coffee faux pas …

Happy Saturday.

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