Trees, Texts and Stars

This was the first Christmas I’ve spent without any member of my family.

I knew this when I booked my ticket, so it wasn’t a surprise.

But twice I felt my throat tighten during the evening, and twice quietly slipped outside to look for the Big Dipper.

That twinkling ladle has been my go-to constellation since I can remember.

On clear nights, the Big Dipper connects me to it, and therefore me to me.

Yesterday, Ursa Major‘s collection of seven stars reminded me that is was okay to feel relaxed, unaffected and happy.

It is beyond gracious when the Universe offers you a moment away from being a sister, daughter, cousin, comic relief, co-worker, or someone’s guilt … to simply be one of many enjoying a day sprinkled with pearls.

Like Tiny Trees and Tiny Lights in the Window.

Like Crackers and Yorkies at the Table.

Like Shane and Kirsty’s Fairytale of New York getting equal radio play alongside the likes of Cliff Richards’ Mistletoe and Wine.

Oh, and in between, like brotherly texts.

Brother Joe wrote that their traditional Ukraine dishes didn’t make his kitchen smell nearly has good as their one in Ukraine had. Ukraine to St Louis remains a culture shock.

Brother Fred said that he missed me. Fred and his son opted for a Santa in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, which meant they had a white Christmas.

Brother Irish Twin confirmed he watered my plants.

And Brother Drew was prepping for six guests, including Irish Twin, and a full sit down feast.

Bonus … Later Irish Twin sent four more “thought” bubbles.

Each wondering what he needed do to get Drew to shut the f*ck up during dinner.

I suggested my “almost” twin knock over a drink. Preferably not his own. But gently so as not to break a glass.

I jest. Well, slightly. Passive? Please to meet Aggressive.

Shortly before the hour that makes pumpkins out of coaches, I climbed into a warm fluffy bed with a genuinely mindful Soul and a beautifully cared for Heart.

And I stayed that way for about 10 hours.

To All Yesterday:

Thank you for the orange juice and champagne. Thank for the wrapped presents. Thank you for the lovely table napkins and roasted turkey dinner. Thank you for leaving the old Spartacus and Grease movies on the telly.

To all Today:

May your coffee, tea, beverage, toast, bacon, cereal, pudding, cake, air … find you with a smile.

Happy Monday, and Happy Boxing Day.

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