Zip It

When I saw the 31st pop up on my laptop this morning, I thought: That can’t be right, the 31st is tomorrow.

That’s how this year has gone for me. Plus or minus I get there, but always a day off.

Nice to see 2022 closing with a constant.

I’ve been thinking about 2023, and resolutions.

Well, more specifically, one resolution.

Which is odd because I’ve never been a resolutionist.

I’m not a fan of announcing what I think I might try and do.

If I want something, I see if I can have it then I go get it. If I want to be somewhere, I pack my bags and go there. When it’s time for a haircut, I book a haircut that day for that day.

I live within my means, and responsibly.

So I would not label what I do as impulsive. That seems negative in my book. I just “do” at the moment I “see.”

Eh, maybe it’s a little impulsive.

Anyway, back to my resolution.

It’s not grand.

It’s not lofty.

I’ll win no achievement honours or receive public recognition for my declaration.

Please permit me to introduce my first ever resolution.

In 2023, my plan is simple. It’s to … well … just to … well … shut the fuck up.

Here’s the deal:

I’ve noticed, in the past couple of years, that I go beyond what is necessary to get my opinion out. And I take extra steps to weave my idea in multiple sentences using multiple scenarios.

Then I remove my interrupting filter, and barge into your thought bubble. Where I nod incessantly. Like it’s super important for you to visually register that I already know what you’re about to say.

What am I? A soothsayer?

It’s so rude. Not to mention annoying and distracting.

To add injury to insult, and this is terrifically amusing, my long held motto has been: ‘Tis the fool who talks too much.


To quote Bill Shatner in Airplane 2: Irony can be pretty ironic.

For the record, my resolution does not mean I’m entering into a vow of silence or becoming a wallflower.

Not likely.

No, it just means I will consciously press pause on my commentary when others have the floor.

Cross fingers, I hope to learn a few more things about me, and about you.

Dear New Year:

A toast to you for good wishes to come. And a toast to me for economising my verbal inclinations, so that others might share theirs.

See you in a few, 2023. I’m right behind you.

With Warmest Regards.


Happy Saturday.

And Happy New Year’s Eve.

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