Up There

I was in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia all last week, to spend time with my Mum and Brother Fred.

It’s a different world up there.

To offer an idea of how up is up, the last 20 miles of interstate driving is all ascending.

And when there, on top of the mountain, the morning light dazzles. So much so that I find myself staring outside for bits at a time. Just looking.

The different shades of green.

The variety of trees in one glance.

The colour of a clear sky.

And the animal world residents are a plenty: A donkey, jack rabbits, robins, squirrels, blue jays, a groundhog, an owl …

Can you spot the deer and the Shetland pony?

In case you missed it.

It’s a lovely place to absorb, and just be … quiet.

I’m beyond grateful my parents found that spot oh so many years ago. To say the place grew on us is an understatement. I’ve been going there for well over 20 years now, and still I continue to be humbled in its midst.

Such a regal place, that when I come down from being up there, this poor wee cottage and it’s one flower box doesn’t stand a chance to compare.

Ah me.

Speaking of crowns, I’ve this weekend followed by a few days, then it’s four airports and three flights to hang out in Her Majesty’s land and experience her Jubilee.

Good stuff.

Happy Saturday.

And a warm Birthday Wish to my Dearest Mum. Mwah Mum. Hope you are having a lovely day. xxooxx.

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