Wishes, needs and wants

I don’t wish for much.

And I want for nothing.

But lately? Lately, I need for more …

I need to be walking around an airport.

I need to trade in my old car.

I need to visit a museum.

I need to sleep straight through the night.

I need to live someplace new.

I need to put my feet in water other than water from my shower.

I need to walk barefoot on grass.

I need to walk barefoot on sand.

I need to finish that book.

There. I’ve put it out there. That’s me. My truth. All raw. Nothing high maintenance. Nothing too outrageous. Nothing beyond my grasp.

Upon reflection, I could cut one third of that list with just an extended weekend bumming around Cape Cod. Interesting …

That being said, I now want a cup of freshly brewed Italian roasted coffee, and wish someone else would know this, make it and bring it to me in bed.

Happy Saturday.

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