I arrived here yesterday after 6 days up in the mountains with my Mum and brother Fred.

My 3 hour drive back was glorious in the new Autumn air, with the sunroof open and tunes on shuffle. I drove down in the afternoon, unpacked, then went over to brother Drew’s for a dipping sauce dumpling dinner outside on their deck, followed by a fire pit circle chat under the stars.

Great fun. The aroma of Drew’s cigar in the crisp night air was an excellent touch.

I returned to the poor wee cottage just in time to have a very late-night chat with Marty over in Wales as his daylight broke.

Saturday ended by being Sunday morning, and closed with me comfortably sleeping under my new duvet cover.

Now, this is me:

  • Turmeric Tea. Check.
  • Word puzzle. Check.
  • Favourite mug. Check.
  • Front door open. Check.
  • Storm window open. Check.
  • Golf. Check.
  • Football to Golf. Check.

And if that weren’t enough, The New York Times confirming what I’ve long suspected …

Genius. Check.

Happy Sunday.

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