Life in 3s

Well, isn’t this clever …

From CDC

Another new norm, and this one makes use of ratty t-shirts and those of us who cannot sew.

It’s been an odd week. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself for, correctly, turning down a job offer in Germany, and it’s annoying me. So half of me is bummed that I could not make the Germany thing possible, whilst half of me is bothered by having to listen to the other half whine.

It’s been this:

Unbalanced equilibrium Painting by Ivan Malevich | Saatchi Art

When it should have been this:

Balanced vs Unbalanced and why we care |

That’s chasing one’s tail for sure, and certainly not healthy by any stretch. I mean it’s okay to be taken aback by a soured wish. But it’s ridiculous to argue and dwell in front of a closed door. Specially when I’m the one who closed the door.

And in a time of feeling globally microscopic, reality and perspective are key to emotional and mental balance. And balance is key to getting through this pandemic as I head into my Days 24, 25 and 26.


1.5 million cases … Almost 93,000 souls departed …


We are in the midst of Passover. Soon it will be Ramadan. Today is Good Friday, a moment to reflect upon a mother’s agony that occurred around 3 pm on the day of 3 April in the year of 33 AD.

And that is what I intend to do for the remainder of this afternoon, think about the meaning of this day, until the bell ushers in the weekend. Then I shall ring up a few of my friends and listen to their them instead of myself, for a change.


Hang in there and I shall do the same.

A Friday to you all.

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