Food for Thought

I’m not going crazy, yet. However, my dreams have been insane …

Whilst sleeping I’ve been standing with people wanting to climb impossibly steep hills. I was stuck in an airport without a ticket having to fly Syria Airways. I had to live in an AirBnB. And I walked to lunch with people who were verbally aggressive towards other people on sidewalks for not social distancing.

And that’s just the dreaming highlights.

What this means is that whilst I can say with a commanding certainty that I am mentally well, I simply refuse to vouch for my sub-conscious.

Okay, list time!

The following are some of my new food norms (apparently, part of an ongoing unscripted 2020 series):

  1. If the one bag in the store is any indicator, I’m not the only person who hoards Brussels sprouts.
  2. Further, if the ‘out of stock‘ notice on every search is any indicator, I have also learnt that I am not the only person who insists green beans be cut French style.
  3. All peanut butter is NOT created equal. And some should be shot.
  4. My new favourite beverage is turmeric tea. So much so I now believe I’m Anglo-Indian.
  5. When social distancing, bacon fixes everything.
  6. Olive. Oil. ‘Nuf said.

That’s about it for my culinary learning curve. It ain’t much, but then again I’m no gourmet.

Truth be told though, this isn’t much of a post to begin with anyway. I just wanted to think about something else for a change.

Hang in there.

Happy Wednesday.

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