A Blog Pause

Periodically I pause on this blog to post my philosophy behind what I write and why I write.

It’s, if you will, my unofficial legalese.

So here goes …

To begin: The Why.

About 9 years ago I went on a quest to write the most “perfect” sentence. Not even close, I’m still questing.

Then, after a time, blogging became a constant in my life.

My writing improved and that made it all the more exciting to explore how my inner voices looks printed out.

I lost count because I was first on Tumblr before being here, but I am well over 3,000 posts.

That’s wild.

Inside the posts themselves, they follow the rules below:

  • There is no official version of my posts; I edit all the time, well into post-publish.
  • I never share out where I work or for whom or my colleagues. I am a passionate nerdy software engineer for sure, one who jogs on her career path at an exhausting pace, suffering at every website decision. But it stops there.
  • I try to keep it clean. That being said, I’ve been known to throw in few f-bombs. What can I say? I’m a fan of the swears.
  • With the exception of my cousin Wade and my Uncle Donald, and one other … all names of people in this blog are slightly off, if not completely made up. I do have four brothers. However, their names are not Joe, Fred, Irish Twin and Drew.
  • I change where I and my friends live. My finest mate Marty (not his real name) doesn’t live in Cardiff, Wales. Close, but not Cardiff.

Besides those?

My posts are my own.

They typically come in on the weekend, in the morning, and make their way out into the Universe sometime mid-afternoon.

I start with a flashing cursor and an empty online box, and let my hands catch the frontal contents of my heart and brain.

It’s fascinating watching the box fill up with words, my words, and often surprises me what it says when done. Warts and all.

I’m amazed by my endless well as a source, just as I am amazed at how immature I continue to be. Perhaps I need to replace my quest to write the perfect sentence with a quest to finally grow up.

But … that’s for another time and another post.

Thanks for taking the time to pause with me today.

Happy Sunday.

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